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Repeal the Eighth Amendment?

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Health fears forced mum into abortion in Liverpool

Campaigner: Amy Walsh. Photo: Doug O’Connor
Campaigner: Amy Walsh. Photo: Doug O’Connor
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

A young mother whose baby had no chance of survival initially opted to stay in Ireland for care, because she was told she would likely miscarry. But in the end she travelled to the UK to end the pregnancy over concerns for her health.

Amy Walsh (36) fell pregnant with her and husband's Yousef's first child in September 2014. But early in her pregnancy medics realised her daughter had stopped growing, and broke the devastating news her baby would not survive labour and a miscarriage was likely.

"I was going back to the hospital for a scan every week to see if my baby passed away," she said. At 18 weeks it was confirmed her daughter had a chromosomal condition called triploidy.

"Up until that point, I was holding out hope that they were wrong," Amy said.

She decided not to travel to the UK for a termination, as she wanted to be with her family.

"Then she didn't pass away and we were going back to the hospital every week - and every week there was another sign of demise," she said.

"I think I found being pregnant impossible once I got to 24 weeks, knowing I still wasn't going to get to keep my baby. At this point, they were saying instead of having a miscarriage I was going to have a stillbirth. I felt completely alone and isolated."

Medical staff also warned her of a risk she could develop pre-eclampsia and have a stroke, while Amy also worried about her daughter's level of distress.

The couple decided to attend Liverpool Women's Hospital to end the pregnancy. They were able to arrange a blessing for their daughter Rose, but unable to bring her remains home.

Amy, a member of Termination for Medical Reasons Ireland, said the Eighth Amendment had made her feel her life was worthless.

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