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Foul-mouthed rant from Waters as he storms out of interview with Dunphy

John Waters. Photo: Tony Gavin
John Waters. Photo: Tony Gavin

Sean Nolan

Journalist and prominent No campaigner John Waters has stormed out of a podcast recording with Eamon Dunphy in a row over a line of questioning on the abortion referendum.

"You're a b*****ks. You're a f***ing b*****ks, you can f*** off," Waters said, after he had decided to end the interview.

Waters, who Dunphy acknowledged has been a close friend of his for many years, was appearing on Dunphy's 'The Stand' podcast to debate the No side of the upcoming abortion referendum.

The short podcast begins with Dunphy explaining that he decided to post the interview in full despite the abrupt ending and asked his listeners to make up their own mind on the disagreement.

The row erupted when Dunphy asked Waters when he believed life began.

When Waters asserted he believed life begins at conception, Dunphy put it to him that in this definition the morning-after pill could be seen as abortion.

After a back and forth between the two men, Waters said: "This is typical of the kind of media attempt to turn this into something else, to talk about hard cases, to make fudgy kind of philosophical arguments, which will delay and frustrate and confuse the people about something that is absolutely so clear... so clear.

"We are talking about whether or not we want to walk in to a polling booth, pick up a pencil, put on a black cap and condemn hundreds of thousands of children to death to the rest of your life every day, every day, every day. That's the question."

Another bout of back and forth ensued before Waters decided to end the interview. "We have 40 minutes to do an interview about this so can we talk about the issue or else I am going home. I am fed up of this," he said.

Dunphy asked Waters not to go and Waters replied: "You told me this would be a fair interview. It is not a fair interview. You're a b*****ks. You're a f***ing b*****ks, you can f*** off."

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