Sunday 26 May 2019

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Repeal the Eighth Amendment?

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Councillor: Sex slavery will be 'normalised' if 8th Amendment is repealed

Leitrim Independent councillor Des Guckian
Leitrim Independent councillor Des Guckian
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

A COUNTY councillor has defended claims that the abolition of the Eighth Amendment will lead to sex slavery becoming “normalised”.

Leitrim Independent Councillor, Des Guckian, said in an email to constituents that “Hitler would be very happy with the proposal to abolish the Eighth”.

He also said repeal of the Eighth would lead to girls being forced to have sex “on demand”.

Speaking to Ocean FM today he said he was “glad” to stand over the claims.

“I’m glad to stand over whatever I've put into that email - it's time people stood up. What we're facing in Ireland is abortion on demand,” he said.

“What we’ve got is the Eighth Amendment which over the years has protected the lives of thousands and thousands of the unborn.”

Mr Guckian also said Ireland should turn to a “culture of life” and to a “proper use of sex”.

When asked what he meant by his concern that the introduction of abortion in Ireland would lead to the normalisation of sex slavery he said:

“What I mean by it is this that the values that people always have held will be totally devalued and youngsters - I mean very young - will be asked and will be expected to indulge themselves in sex at an age when they’re just not able for that kind of thing.”

The councillor said that euthanasia will likely follow if abortion is introduced.

In the lengthy email he said:

“If abortion sweeps in, is euthanasia and the killing of political opponents etc very far behind? They are creating a Culture of Death.”

“This is a holocaust in the same way,” he said of his references to Hitler in the email.

Mr Guickan denied that the email was designed to create controversy.

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