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A twist of fate for the music world

TWO injured Irish rugby internationals have put their what-ifs aside for the World Cup and are instead playing to a completely different beat.

Had it not been for foot injuries, both Felix Jones (24) and Barry Murphy (28) would still be playing at the highest level -- with Jones particularly unlucky not to get a flight to New Zealand.

Instead of lacing up their boots this month, the pair are playing music with Limerick band Hermitage Green.

This week alone, the band performed at a west Limerick festival as well as a number of local pubs. And judging by the reaction of their listeners, greater things lie in store for Hermitage Green.

Along with Barry's brother Dan (24), Darragh Graham (27) and Darragh Griffin (24), they have quickly earned a fan base.

"Growing up, myself and Dan were always into music and played together. I was always up for a sing-song on the bus coming back from the games," Barry said.

"Darragh Griffin would be good friends with Dan. Darragh Graham lived near me and plays the banjo and is very into trad -- so we'd have the odd jamming session together.

"Then Felix came down from Dublin here. He plays the bodhran and it all went from there," he said.

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