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Friday 20 July 2018

A Snack Box in return for a peaceful surrender - Cloverhill prisoners halt protest for food

Prisoners on the roof of Cloverhill prison Pic: RTE
Prisoners on the roof of Cloverhill prison Pic: RTE
Snack Box contents - Chicken and chips

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Sometimes only a snack box from the chipper will hit the spot.

Two prisoners, who staged a sit in on the roof of Cloverhill Prison only relented at 1:30am, when authorities offered them chicken and chips in return for their cooperation.

The riot, last Wednesday, saw prison Control and Restraint teams utilised to remove inmates from the prison yard.

Negotiators spoke with the prisoners for more than 12 hours as they sought to end the turmoil.

A Prison Officers Association source confirmed to the Irish Sun that food was used as an effective bargaining tool.

"There's nothing wrong with offering food and the situation then ended peacefully.

"The ultimate objective is to ensure the safety of the inmate and staff," he said.

Eleven prisoners were taken to hospital and tens of thousands of euro worth of damage was caused when the riot broke out at the Dublin prison.

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