Thursday 26 April 2018

'A Scandalous People' - only with the Sunday Independent

WE Irish are a scandalous people — we revel in scandal, we talk about it, we even see scandals where sometimes none exists. Scandal is part of what we are.

Many recent events, such as the bailout of the Irish banks, are greeted with the words: “It’s a scandal.” And indeed, some of them are scandals, while others are controversy caused by mismanagement, incompetence and greed. But to our eyes they are all scandals, because we have been left to carry the can.

This Sunday, the Sunday Independent brings you “A Scandalous People” – a must read magazine detailing 50 of the most shocking scandals in Ireland’s modern history. Liam Collins, News Editor with the Sunday Independent reveals the stories of hypocrisy, power, greed and lust that have rocked the nation.

Featuring the more recent banking debacle, which has brought the country to its knees, the findings of the Murphy Report, the murder of Veronica Guerin and many more, you cant afford to miss “A Scandalous People”, only inside this week’s Sunday Independent.

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