Friday 20 September 2019

A message from the editor to you, our reader

Dear Reader, The media industry is transforming itself. Here, at the Irish Independent, we are confidently at the forefront of that transformation.

We’ve changed the way we deliver our content to you in a variety of ways and speeds in a short period of time. What we haven’t changed is the quality of our journalism.

That’s constant. We deliver trusted and authoritative news, opinion and sport to the majority of newspaper readers on this island.

Our print edition is by far the most popular newspaper, outselling our nearest rivals by many tens of thousands of copies every day.

We also own the leading newspaper website, with phenomenal growth in the number of people turning to for breaking news and sport, comment and entertainment every hour.

Since we first introduced the compact Irish Independent you have embraced it in ever increasing numbers. Today, eight of every 10 copies sold are in compact format. As readers you’ve shown us in growing numbers how you prefer our content delivered, so from tomorrow onwards, all copies of the Irish Independent will be in compact format.

It won't be easy to bid farewell to the traditional broadsheet but the familiarity and consistency of our trusted writers and quality content available each day in the compact Irish Independent we believe will make for a smooth transition for our broadsheet readers. My commitment to you is absolute. The same quality journalism, standards, insight and fearless opinion, just in a different format and one that facilitates later deadlines and even more up to date news and content. (Some elements of the newspaper will remain broadsheet, for example, our Thursday Business Week supplement.)

I want to thank you, our readers, for your loyalty that has made the Irish Independent Ireland’s strongest and most trusted news brand and would ask our broadsheet readers to continue to join us every day in the compact format.

As I indicated on becoming editor earlier this year, our promise is to deliver news, analysis, comment and sport in a strong and trustworthy fashion in print and digital format.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and the very best wishes for 2013 to all our readers.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Rae


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