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A man you would gladly go extra mile for

Aengus was a man you would gladly go the extra mile for, to make sure that what he demanded, he got. You wouldn't do it for everyone, but for Aengus you would, because even though some of his requests might sound odd at first, you would always find out later they had been for the betterment of the paper. His passion was legendary. He was totally inclusive as editor and made himself familiar with all areas of the paper.

My daughter, Elizabeth, reminded me last week of what was a classic example of the sometimes chaotic world of Aengus.

He had invited Elizabeth and Nick to join him at Lord's for a days play in a test match. During the afternoon, he went off for some refreshments and after a while when he hadn't returned they noticed that a commotion had developed at the entrance to the enclosure.

To her horror, Elizabeth discovered that Aengus was on the verge of being removed from the ground. Typically, he had mislaid his ticket and the security people were not interested in any of his protestations. Luckily, she was able to smooth things out and Aengus resumed watching the game with not a bother on him.

He'll be greatly missed in our family but we'll always remember the good times and pray that he is at peace.

Truly a one-off.

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