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Monday 19 March 2018

A little healthy cynicism here

IBM might need to manage its expectations when it comes to Irish hospitals. 'Big Blue', as the company is known, held an impressive technology showcase at its sprawling campus in Dublin 15 yesterday, where Rashik Parmar, president of the IBM Academy of Technology, regaled us with insights into the future that is even now being imagined in deepest Mulhuddart.

Healthcare in particular, he said, is about to undergo enormous change.

An IBM video went on to demonstrate the possibilities – diagnostics software that will alert us if weather conditions could trigger medical conditions.

Tools that will let hospital doctors know when to expect patients, in-room screens that will allow health professionals to communicate and diagnose from far away.

The Punt had to smile. We'd happily wager that no one involved in the making of that video has ever graced the inside of an Irish hospital, where patients on trolleys decorate corridors and people stand in A&E for want of a chair. Even the fact that the ad depicted a patient in a private room amused us slightly.

As far as The Punt can work out private hospital rooms are now the exclusive preserve of patients with those new fangled infections you only seem to get in, well hospitals. Fair play to IBM for having the technical smarts to get a photographer into the isolation ward without risk of contagion.

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