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'A good kid with never a bad word to say about anybody'

JAMES Nolan had celebrated his 21st birthday with a big party in the local pub where he holds down a part-time job -- just three weeks before his disappearance in Poland.

A second-year student at Tallaght Institute of Technology, he had postponed the party as he was studying for exams.

The weekend bar work kept the keen soccer fan busy, as he saved up his money so he could accompany friends to the Euros. They were making a holiday of it and the group was only due to return to Ireland tomorrow.

Known by friends as "Jam", he is described as a "good kid", with "never a bad word to say about anybody".

"He'd never get into any arguments and wouldn't be into gossip," said his sister Susan yesterday.

He is not a heavy drinker, say the family and never gets involved in any trouble.

James's phone is currently powered off but the Nolan family say that Vodafone is attempting to trace the phone via its technology.

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