Thursday 18 January 2018

A friend of mine -- and all who knew him

Mike O'Shea

As an ex-colleague and near neighbour, I spent many an hilarious night in Eugene's company as he doled out his inimitable but beautifully cooked meals and legendary drink concoctions in his darkened bijou abode -- surely the very definition of a bohemian hangout, with its 'sagging settees and the finest of whiskies' -- all the while listening to one of the most eclectic of musical selections anywhere.

He never bothered fixing the dripping tap, nor the wired toilet pull, but none of that mattered to mine host or his guests. Oddly, shortly before I heard the sad news, I was listening to The Byrds' 'He Was A Friend Of Mine' -- as indeed he was to all who knew him, however fleetingly. If Eugene had to pick a song with the right note of fun for his passing, it would surely be something like Songs Of Emotions' 'Wear Something Sexy For My Funeral'!

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