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€5m Lotto winner remains a mystery

LOCALS believe a €5m Lotto winner who bought a ticket in a border store may be from Derry.

The identity of the lucky winner of €5.48m from a ticket purchased at the Top Shop Filling Station in Killea on the Donegal/Derry border remained cloaked in mystery last night.

Store manager Manoj Rana, who is from New Delhi, could not have been happier if he had won the jackpot himself.

"People have been getting fuel all day and saying that a man from Derry won but we have had no confirmation of that. It is just rumours," he said.

He revealed the winning ticket for the rollover jackpot had been purchased last Friday.

Polish shop assistant Ewa Kolodzkzyke (28) said it was difficult to speculate about the identity of the winner.

"Friday is busy and there were a lot of people in all day. It would be nice if it was a local person," she said.

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