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Wednesday 21 March 2018

50 things you never knew about Charles and Camilla

Idiosyncrasies: Prince Charles
Idiosyncrasies: Prince Charles
Camilla and King Charles Spaniel
Tom Parker Bowles
Laura Rose Lopes
Prince William
Prince Charles playing polo
Duchess of Cornwall rose
Prince Harry
Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles is reputed to have more idiosyncrasies than a centipede has legs. He is said to talk to his plants and require the services of a footman to squeeze his toothpaste and lay out his pyjamas.

Curiosity about the 66-year-old monarch-in-waiting have led to any amount of apocryphal anecdotes, including rumours that his staff boil several eggs for him at one time - ranging from runny to soft-boiled to rock-hard - to make sure Charles has the perfect egg to match his mood. This has been denied by Clarence House, as have reports that the environmentally-minded Prince dislikes all modern architecture. However, he has had his Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover converted to run on 100 per cent biodiesel made from used cooking oil.

Under constant scrutiny from his staff and British society-at-large, Charles is said to pour out his troubles to his chickens at Highgrove House.

His day begins when a valet opens his curtains and draws a Floris of London-scented bath, and makes sure his fluffy towels are folded on two sides that meet in the centre for easy access and wrap-ability.

Yet another report has the king-in-waiting planting trees in his fields to give his cattle shade and offer them "a life that is as near to natural as possible". He insists his kitchen staff only steam his vegetables in a particular type of mineral water, and wraps up leftovers from meals and has them served to him the next time he eats.

In every jacket the Prince owns, it is said he keeps a pen and small notepad to make "to-do" lists. In 1975, he became a member of the Magic Circle, a British society dedicated to the endorsing and extolling of the magical arts, after passing his audition with the ancient 'cup and balls' trick. But, he turned down the chance to make a cameo appearance in Dr Who.

His philosophy is "Be Patient and Endure" a motto which he has framed in his dressing room. He hates central heating, saying it "makes your head stuffy". In 1989 he wrote an environmental comedy, Grimes Goes Green, with John Cleese.

He took part in a one-day course in escaping from a submarine, including an exercise during which he was released from a 100ft-deep water tank. He said it was "terrifying".

Charles was recognised as a style-setter in 2009 when he was voted "best-dressed man in the world" by Esquire magazine.

CAMILLA and Charles were delivered by the same doctor, she at King's College Hospital, London, and Charles at Buckingham Palace.

We first got to know her as plain Mrs Parker Bowles, when she was married to Andrew Parker Bowles, now a retired British Army officer, from 1973 to 1995.

Andrew Parker Bowles had previously dated Princess Anne, Prince Charles's sister.

Camilla is the eldest child of Major Bruce Shand and the Honourable Rosalind Cubitt (the daughter of British aristocrat Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe), and grew up on a large country estate in Plumpton, Sussex.

She attended finishing schools in Switzerland and France, then worked as a secretary to pay the rent on her Belgravia flat. Her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was a mistress to King Edward VII, the great-great-grandfather of Prince Charles, and her first words to Charles are rumoured to have been: "My great-grandmother and your great-grandfather were lovers. How about it?"

Camilla is the second cousin once removed to the first winner of Britain's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Judith Keppel, who answered all the questions correctly in 2000 to win the million pound prize.

Camilla is said to share a "ripe and lavatorial" sense of humour with her husband.

They are both related to the late Princess Diana through shared ancestry dating back to King Charles II.

Camilla is the second-highest ranking woman in England - after the Queen -when she is out in public with Charles.

If her husband is not with her, she is outranked by Anne the Princess Royal and 75-year-old Princess Alexandra, the youngest granddaughter of King George V, as well as the Queen.

She is said to be a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing and in 2011 she visited the hit show's set and watched McBusted drummer Harry Judd rehearse with partner Aliona Vilani, before giving the pop star a score of "nine!"

Camilla often wears Spanx, the slimming underwear - comedian John Bishop said she admitted as much when they met at the Royal Variety Performance.

It's been reported her rejuvenated looks are down to using bee venom face masks, known as "organic face lifts", and said to smooth wrinkles and plump skin.

Her engagement ring, though not as famous as Kate Middleton's, is a platinum-set, emerald-cut diamond ring that previously belonged to the Queen Mother.



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