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4,000 children have no roof over their heads as crisis grows


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Almost 4,000 children have no permanent roof over their heads, the latest homelessness figures revealed yesterday.

Last month, 137 more children became the latest victims of the crisis, bringing the total to 3,826 among the 1,724 homeless families in Ireland, according to figures from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

The 2pc increase in homeless numbers - including 57 adults and 12 families - since April was branded as a "national scandal" last night by Labour housing spokesperson Jan O'Sullivan.

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homeless, said that the weather was adding to the problems.

Many children are cooped up in hotel rooms or B&Bs with no air conditioning or even windows they can open during the biggest heatwave in more than 40 years, Mr Flynn explained.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy blamed the increase on a trend since April in which a small number of large families are becoming homeless.

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