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€2.6m Lotto winner is still a mystery

MYSTERY surrounds one lucky winner who scooped over €2.5m in Saturday's Lotto draw.

The winning ticket was worth €2,669,637 and was bought on the day of the draw, giving a very nice return on the €4 paid for it.

The ticket was bought in a local Centra shop in Clongriffin, Co Dublin. The owner, staff and customers in the shop were very surprised and excited to hear of the win.

Saturday's winning numbers were 3, 11, 23, 24, 27, 38. The bonus number was 16.

Manager Daniel Dodocoa said the shop was very much focused on the local area and the Lotto had had a very brisk trade over the weekend.

"Everybody's talking about it, but nobody knows who won it. A lot of people are checking their tickets but no winners have come forward yet."

He said he was not sure whether the winner would reveal themselves at all, even if they are regular customers.

"You think they'd tell you, but things change when they know they're the winner -- maybe not. It's a lot of money."

Mr Dodocoa also said the staff were "dying" to know who got so close to the winning ticket.

"We have no idea when it was sold, there were two different shifts that day. They are all dying to know who sold it all right. The want to know who was that close to it."

The local shop has never before sold a winning Lotto ticket for such a huge amount.

Mr Dodocoa said that somebody once won €5,000 in one of the Christmas draws.

There was no winner of the Lotto Plus1 top prize of €350,00 and there were no winners of the Lotto Plus 2 top prize of €250,000.

The next draw is on Wednesday and is for €2m.

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