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€230k spent on prison libraries


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The library service across the Irish Prison system last year cost €230,000 to operate and included the spend on books focusing on cocaine smuggling, yoga, pilates - and boredom.

According to new figurers released by the Irish Prison Service, the total amount spent by the Service on its libraries in 2016 was €229,889.

A couple of books purchased last year by the IPS that are sure to be of interest to the 356 inmates currently in Irish jails for drug dealing are the best selling 'Cocaine Confidential - True Stories Behind The World's Most Notorious Narcotic' by Wensley Clarkson and 'The Cocaine Diaries - A Venezuelan Prison Nightmare' by Jeff Farrrell and Paul Keany

The purchase by the library service last year also included '100 Best Yoga & Pilates, The Ultimate Step-by-Step Exercise for Strength, Flexibility and Control, '1,000 Tatoos' and '101 Bets You Will Always Win'.

Those seeking 'inner peace' can read '10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace' while others bored with the daily routine while locked up can dip into 'Boredom - A Lively History' by Peter Toohey.

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