Tuesday 22 October 2019

WATCH: A New Ireland Rising - the video about Ireland's past that going viral

Meadhbh McGrath

A century has passed since the 1916 Easter Rising took place, and one Irish writer decided to commemorate the centenary by delivering his own vision for Ireland.

Ruairí McKiernan, originally from Cavan, is a writer, social campaigner and the founder of SpunOut.ie.

With the help of filmmaker Myles O’Reilly, he has created a stirring reflection on Ireland’s past and present.

Musician Colm Mac Con Iomaire contributed a fittingly rousing score to accompany the call to action.

In the seven-minute clip, McKiernan looks back on the “vision of a country with happiness at its heart” set forth by the founders of the republic.

Instead of "a land of happiness and prosperity for all”, he points to the striking poverty, mass youth emigration and violence that he sees in Irish culture.

After listing the nation’s flaws, he notes the successes in literature, music and sport, as well as the social progress and scientific achievement of the past century.

“A new Ireland is rising,” he says, urging viewers not to let self-doubt and shame hold them back.

The video concludes with McKiernan’s own spirited proclamation, as he invites his audience “to awaken our consciousness and our country”.

“For now is a time to begin a new history, manifest a new hope, and awaken the spirit of freedom in the hills and rivers, and in the hearts, minds and soul of the Irish nation.”

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