Wednesday 13 December 2017

'Cruinniú na Cásca offers RTÉ another opportunity to play a lead role in the national experience'

RTÉ Director-General Dee Forbes previews a very special day

RTE's Dee Forbes
RTE's Dee Forbes

Last year, the RTÉ Reflecting the Rising event in Dublin City on Easter Monday was one of the highlights of an extraordinary commemorative year. That day, and indeed RTÉ's extensive 1916 content and commemorations programme, was among the single most ambitious projects ever undertaken by RTÉ.

Artistically, technically, creatively, RTÉ put its shoulder to the wheel. Staff from across the organisation worked tirelessly to ensure that through our programming, services and events, that the public could engage with and commemorate and celebrate what was the most important anniversary in the history of our young country.

And so it should be. That is RTÉ's role, and it is one we were very privileged and proud to play. And so it will be again this Easter Monday, as RTÉ, working with Creative Ireland, seeks to maintain that wonderful sense of national community so memorably captured on that incredible March day last year when thousands of people poured through the streets of Dublin, in celebration and commemoration, sampling a truly astonishing range of live music events, live radio, theatre, talks and workshops.

While the events of 2016 were of course exceptional in every regard, including the numbers who turned out to participate, and while we may never see the likes of that again on such a scale, nonetheless this Easter RTÉ will once again bring contemporary Irish culture, multi-culturalism and creativity to the streets of Dublin through a rich variety of live music and dance, talks, coding, theatre, art and music workshops, readings and screenings, special events, and so much more.

So very much more that logging on to will give you a full picture of the range, breadth and scale of the events.

Cruinniú na Cásca offers RTÉ, in partnership with Creative Ireland, another opportunity to play a lead role, not only in the national conversation, but in the national experience. And Cruinniú na Cásca is, as we have seen, truly national.

On this Easter Monday, we will see our story - and Ireland - on a grand scale. We will, as our ad says, celebrate us. RTÉ's role in understanding, reflecting and expressing our unique national and shared identities, particularly through the arts, through culture and through diversity, is central to our remit.

Together, RTÉ and Creative Ireland are forming a unique partnership that renews and reasserts the value of the arts, of communities, of culture, and of public media, in our society.

My sincere thanks to the artists, the writers, the dancers, the actors, the technicians and the hundreds of visionaries who will make this "meeting at Easter" truly special. My thanks to our partners - Creative Ireland, Dublin City Council, Transport for Ireland, and the OPW. And of course, my thanks, in advance, to all our own staff who are working to make this a really special day for all.

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