Friday 27 April 2018

Capture your moment: the expert's guide to becoming part of history

Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

Reflecting on Ireland's 1916 centenary commemorations, the Irish Independent is inviting readers to capture 24 hours of Irish life on camera.

Between 12 noon on Sunday, April 24, and 12 noon on Monday, April 25, moments can be recorded for posterity,

The most captivating images will appear in a commemorative magazine, which will be published in the Irish Independent on Saturday, May 7.

INM Staff Photographer Gerry Mooney has come up with a series of top tips to taking a great picture on your mobile phone.

"In 1916, on April 24, very few people had access to a camera," said Mr Mooney.

"But in 2016, on April 24, everyone has a camera and the ability to capture an image.

"The biggest thing that people tend to forget when taking a picture is that you need a lens and the lens is on the back of the phone. It is in your pocket so it picks up all sorts of dirt and stuff from your hands.

"Before you take a picture, the biggest tip I would give is to have a small cloth and to give the lens a wipe."

He said it is important to turn your phone sideways to capture a better image.

"A lot of people take pictures in portrait mode but if you take it in landscape it lends itself to a more natural-looking image.

"Some of these cameras have a lag, so when you push the button, it takes a second or maybe even less before the picture is taken.

"Hold the camera steady. Sometimes, because of a sense of movement, the pictures can become shaky."

Mr Mooney also said lighting is important. Shadows on a face can ruin a good picture.

"Make sure the flash is on. It will lighten up the faces and take away the heavy black shadows."

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