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Binge at the Fringe

Hector Ó hEochagáin will take on the role of Ceann Comhairle in the 2116 Parliament at Bailey Allen Hall on Thursday and host the ‘Leviathan Political Cabaret’ at the Róisín Dubh on Friday
Hector Ó hEochagáin will take on the role of Ceann Comhairle in the 2116 Parliament at Bailey Allen Hall on Thursday and host the ‘Leviathan Political Cabaret’ at the Róisín Dubh on Friday

Enjoy the best of modern culture in 10 must-see Fringe events in and around Galway. By Graham Clifford

1 Rita Duffy's Souvenir Shop

Inspired by Proclamation signatory Tom Clarke's tobacconist, Rita Duffy's Souvenir Shop is filled with foodstuffs, goods and medicines and emblazoned with images of the 1916 Rising and its heroes. She uses it to examine the shifting meanings and commodification of gestures and symbols associated with revolution and how the objects and themes of the 1916 Rising end up as souvenirs. The exhibition invites people to see the Rising and its legacy from a fresh and irreverent angle, but Duffy also wants to raise serious questions about attitudes to violence, to commemoration, to the role of women, to the decline of rural Ireland and to Ireland's place in the world.

Where: 9 Henry Street, Galway

When: Until 27 November

Admission: Free

The ‘United Ireland’ tea towels at Rita Duffy’s Souvenir Shop
The ‘United Ireland’ tea towels at Rita Duffy’s Souvenir Shop

2 Galway Rising

While Galway City remained staunchly Redmondite during the 1916 Rising, towns like Athenry and Oranmore became focal points of one of the few instances of Volunteer activity outside of Dublin during Easter Week. Gaillimh Agus An Eirí Amach, Galway's involvement in the Rising, will be the subject of a Hedge School-style discussion led by Professor Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh with Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh (historian, author), Cormac Ó Comhraí (historian, author), Seosamh O Cuaig (Historian, Broadcaster) and Dr Deirdre Ní Chonghaile (scholar, broadcaster)

Where: Téatar Uí Chearbhalláin, Áras na Gaeilge NUIG

When: Friday, 11 November 3.30pm-5pm

Admission: Free

3 Put on your dancing shoes

No Fringe festival is complete without a festival club and at Club Féile na Comhdhála, you will experience some of the best alternative traditional music around, starting on Thursday night with the demented Trad trio, The Latchikos, led by Aindrias de Staic, who began as buskers in Galway city, and deliver a frenzied gyp-hop set. DJ Billí Bog will be the special guest. On Friday night, Inis Mór natives Lasrach will take the stage with their trad and contemporary fusion and on Saturday night, Kila will round things off with their innovative and exciting blend of traditional and world music. DJ Marcus Deaslámhlach closes the set both nights.

Where: Áras na nGael, Dominick Street, Galway City

When: Thursday 10 November, Friday 11 November, Saturday 12 November (8.30pm-12.30pm)

Admission: €8/€5

4 100 years of scientific genius

One hundred years of Irish scientific genius will be celebrated in unique Rube Goldberg fashion by the innovative Ennis brothers, Harry and Jack from Kilmore Quay in County Wexford, whose own scientific genius with Anachronica was one of the highlights of Electric Picnic. The centre-piece Rube Goldberg machine, a contraption typically over-engineered to make a simple task complicated and generally involving a chain reaction, will showcase such Irish contributions to the scientific world as fibre-optics, the hypodermic syringe, defibrillators and even submarines.

Where: Zoology and Marine Biology Museum, NUIG

When: Thursday 10 November -Saturday 12 November, 10am-6pm

Admission: Free

5 Twenty One Sixteen Parliament

What would a 21st century Irish manifesto look like? One hundred years after the 1916 Rising, a selection of ten speakers drawn from all sections of Irish society including youth and community representatives, Irish language speakers, older people and new Irish citizens will each be invited to deliver a five-minute motion to the assembly and take questions afterwards. Each motion will be voted on and those which are adopted will be included on a manifesto which will be published on line. Keeping order will be Ceann Comhairle, Hector Ó hEochagáin. The event will be broadcast over NUIG's Flirt FM 101.3 frequency and recorded for future re-broadcast.

Where: Bailey Allen Hall, NUIG

When: Thursday 10 November 9.30pm-10.45pm

Admission: Free

6 The Experts Bite Back

Never more than now has fact-checking been so pertinent in the dissemination of information. In this special event, presented in partnership with the Irish Research Council, claims by politicians and the media on recent controversial issues, are rigorously fact-checked by a panel of experts to see can better decisions be made which are based on reason rather than emotion. Audiences are encouraged to look beyond big headlines and seek the complicated and inconvenient truth. Homelessness and Terrorism were among the topics fact-checked when this event was staged at Electric Picnic.

Where: Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance

When: Friday, 11 November 12pm-1.30pm

Admission: Free

7 History Ireland Hedge School

NUIG will play host to the premier history magazine's lively range of round-table discussions with historians and well known personalities. History Ireland editor and Hedge School Master Tommy Graham will host, parse and analyse, with some good humour, some of the issues under discussion at the conference under the title: All Changed, Changed Utterly… From 1916 to Brexit. He will be joined by a panel of experts in various fields for this lively discussion with audience contribution.

Where: Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance

When: Friday, 11 November 2pm-3.30pm

Admission: Free but ticket required

8 Leviathan: Political Cabaret

This subversive political talking shop, hosted by Hector Ó hEochagáin returns to Galway with a colourful panel asking the big question of our age: Was it For This? You can expect a tongue-in-cheek reflection on the 1916/2016 centenary commemoration programme in a big night out with big thinkers, big questions, big laughs and big drinks. The focus will be on what it has meant to the country and the people who live in it and what it might mean in the future. Among the special guests will be legendary republican balladeer, Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly singing some of his classics such as The Potatoes Aren't Looking the Best and The Craic We Had the Day we Died for Ireland.

Where: Róisín Dubh, Lower Dominick Street, Galway

When: Friday 11 November 7.30pm-9pm

Admission: €15/€13

9 A University in War and Revolution 1913-1919

A special exhibition focusing on the role played by University College Galway during the formative years 1913-1919 when staff and students had prominent roles on and off the battlefields both in Europe and in Ireland. In a period of great social and political dissension, the men and women of University College Galway joined enthusiastically in the great contemporary causes, including the Irish cultural revival, the movement for women's suffrage, revolutionary republicanism, and the war to end all wars in Europe.

Where: Hardiman Research Building, NUIG

WHEN: November

Admission: Free

10 ComÓradh

Gaeltacht-based artists showcase their stunning Rising-themed artworks in this must-see exhibition, Cómoradh.

Where: The Kenny Gallery, Liosbán Retail Park, Tuam Road

When: Thursday 10 November (6pm-8pm), Friday 11 November and Saturday 12 November (10am-6pm)

Admission: Free

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