Tuesday 15 October 2019

WATCH: 'Ireland wanted to rule their country but British said 'no way"' - Kids describe the 1916 Rising

Donal Corkery

To celebrate Proclamation Day, we took a trip to Cherry Orchard in Dublin to see what the kids in St. Ultan's Primary School think about the 1916 Rising.

The young pupils discussed Home Rule, the plantations and the road to the rising in their own unique way.

The kids of St. Ultan's Primary School in Cherry Orchard
The kids of St. Ultan's Primary School in Cherry Orchard

"In 1916 they had a big battle and on the big battle, they made up their own rules," one of the tots explained.

"Then we had a President called Michael D Higgins," she continued.

"So the deal was a deal so then they stayed in their own countries and then they all died."

The older students in St. Ultan's Primary School then read their own version of the Proclamation.

"We think it's fair that all children get the education and support they need and we especially think it's fair that people share their toys," one pupil said.

"The Ireland we want is a safe country," another declared.

"We think that nobody from the youngest baby to the oldest granny should ever feel scared."

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