Monday 21 October 2019

Listen to A History of the Easter Rising in 10 Objects Ep 9: Kathleen Lynn's Prison Biscuits

The ninth in a ten part podcast series on a 'History of the Easter Rising in 10 Objects' discusses biscuits that were given to Kathleen Lynn in prison after her arrest for her part in the Rising.

Kathleen Lynn was the daughter of a Church of Ireland cleric in Mayo. She was educated in Britain and Germany and entered the medical profession, becoming a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

She was also politically active in campaigns for suffrage and had helped to organise soup kitchens for the urban poor during the 1913 Lockout. In 1916 she was the chief medical officer for the Irish Citizen Army and was amongst those members of the Citizen Army who occupied Dublin City Hall on the first day of the Rising.

Given the proximity of the City Hall to Dublin Castle, it was captured by troops within a matter of hours, and the surviving members of its garrison, including Lynn, were detained. They were the first to experience what most members of the insurgent garrisons would go through with a week: captivity.

'A History of the Easter Rising in 50 Objects' by John Gibney is available now.

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