Tuesday 25 June 2019

Listen to A History of the Easter Rising in 10 Objects Ep 5: The Trinity College Memorial Cup

The fifth in a ten part podcast series on a 'History of the Easter Rising in 10 Objects' discusses the awarding of the memorial cup for the defence of Trinity College, Dublin, during the Rising.

The inscription on this cup speaks volumes. It may seem unusual that Trinity College Dublin, one of the most imposing complexes of building in Dublin city centre, was not targeted by the insurgents. Given the small numbers who participated in the Rising, it is perhaps understandable.

And given the composition of much of Trinity's staff and student body, it was highly unlikely that a rebellion in pursuit of Irish independence would have received a warm welcome in Ireland's oldest and most prestigious university.

A committee of businessmen based in Grafton st and College Green was established after the Rising, and raised £700 to pay for a number of memorial cups such as the one pictured here. They were presented in a ceremony on 5 August 1916 in the Provost’s Garden on campus. The original was given to the commander of the OTC and was valued at £50, weighing 170oz. Replicas were given to the other members, and to some of those who had helped to defend the college.

'A History of the Easter Rising in 50 Objects' by John Gibney is available now.

Image: Adams Auctioneers

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