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1,400 families homeless as figures soar by 20pc in worst year on record


Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

The number of homeless people has dropped since November - but figures show an almost 20pc rise on the same time in 2016 with more than 1,400 families without a home.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy said the numbers for December dropped in almost all categories in comparison with November.

However, the numbers show that some 5,508 adults were homeless last month, which is a small drop of 16 on the previous month.

There were 254 fewer children homeless over the same period, with 3,079 children listed last month. This is still a jump of 574 on December 2016 - a 23pc increase.

Homeless charities have insisted that a drop in numbers during December is commonplace.

Reacting to the figures, Mr Murphy said: "The overall decrease of 270 in the number of people experiencing homelessness is welcome. Significantly fewer children were in emergency arrangements during December compared with the previous month.

"Obviously we still have more work to do to help children and families in to secure homes, but this is good progress for those families who were accommodated during the month of December," he added.

Advocacy director for Focus Ireland Mike Allen said that last year's homeless crisis was the worst ever.

"Last year was the worst year for homelessness in the history of the State," Mr Allen said.

"More men, women and children experienced homelessness than ever before in our history, and they experienced it for longer."

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