Thursday 21 November 2019

1,275 have dole cut for refusing job and training offers

OVER 1,275 jobless people have had their benefits cut - because they failed to take-up work or training offers.

The Department of Social Protection said today that while there is a right to a payment, there was also a matching responsibility on the unemployed person ‘’to engage’’.

But today the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed told RTE’s News at One that ‘’penalising those who are unemployed should be a last resort’’.

Spokesperson Bríd O'Brien said the bigger issue facing those who are unemployed was the lack of quality education places.

The Department introduced a measure last April, where jobseeker payments would be cut by €44 a week.

The reduction is for those who refuse to take-up training offers, employment opportunities or job interviews.

Since then, over 1,200 such payments have been reduced.

The highest rate of jobseeker benefit is €188, which can be cut by €44.

Lower rates of benefit face lower, proportional cuts.

The penalty applies only to an individual's personal jobseeker payments.

No penalty is applied to any additional payments relating to adult or child dependants.

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