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€12 to book return flight

A FAMILY of five will typically pay €60 to book return flights under charges levied by Ireland’s two main airlines.

Ryanair charges €6 per person per flight for anyone paying by any mechanism other than a prepaid card– which itself incurs hefty charges to purchase and maintain.

That means a customer will be charged €12 for a return flight – even though they do all the work of making the booking themselves.

Handling Aer Lingus also charges €6 per person per flight, and it describes this a “handling fee” rather than a surcharge. Ticketmaster meanwhile, typically charges €6.10 per ticket booked as a “service charge”.

Many cinemas and theatres also levy charges such as €0.50 per ticket for booking on the internet or by phone, though they usually call these “booking fees” rather than payment surcharges.