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1,000 technology graduates will be looking for work

A total of 1,000 honours degree graduates in information and communications technology (ICT) programmes are expected to hit the jobs market this year.

The Government hopes to double the number by 2018.

It has launched a number of initiatives to attract graduates in other fields and jobseekers to embark on careers in technology. They include:

• Springboard ICT programmes. Springboard provides opportunities for unemployed people to get higher education qualifications in areas where there are skills gaps.

However, it was recently reported that one in four of the 1,400 places on offer was not being taken up on the €20m training scheme.

• A one-year, full-time HDip 'conversion programme', run by the Higher Education Authority. A total of 768 places were on offer countrywide from March this year.

• A graduate skills conversion programme, focused on non-ICT candidates. A total of 1,700 places are available each year on this master's degree level programme, which aims to meet the needs of the ICT and biopharma sectors.

• There is also a state-supported programme to assist companies to provide training for employees -- called the ICT Ireland Skillnet training network.

Among the courses on offer is a post-graduate diploma in the management of technology.

Irish Independent