Thursday 22 February 2018

10 tough questions that Bertie has yet to answer


IS it good enough to say that no official or delegation warned you about the banking crisis when you once wondered why those who were "cribbing and moaning" about the economy didn't commit suicide?


HOW would getting "a whole lot of Fianna Fail people" to run the banks have improved the situation -- when much of the excessive bank lending was already to developers with Fianna Fail connections?


DID the Government set up so many quangos on your watch because it was an easy way to absolve itself of its responsibilities?


WHY did you grant benchmarking payments to public sector workers without gaining any meaningful work practice reforms in return?


DID the Government turn a blind eye to lavish foreign junkets for trade union officials, senior public servants and employer representatives as part of the price of the social partnership process?


HOW did you manage to manage for so long without a bank account during your political career?


WILL you be able to produce a tax clearance certificate to the Revenue as legally required by all TDs? (A Revenue investigation to determine whether Mr Ahern was tax compliant in the 1990s when he received "digout" payments will not be concluded until the Mahon Tribunal reports)


WHY did you appoint Ivor Callely to the Seanad after he had been defeated in the 2007 general election?


WHY did you decide to officially back Brian Cowen as your successor ahead of all other possible contenders in the Fianna Fail party?


AS a former Taoiseach, why did you decide to appear in a cupboard in a TV advert to promote your sports column in a tabloid newspaper?

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