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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Music Mondays: is this the most annoying song of the year?

By Nialler9

Anders Nilsen – Salsa Tequila

In the grand tradition of songs which reference exotic holiday activities like Los Del Rio's La Macarena, Venga Boys' Going To Ibiza and Terrorvision's Tequila, this Norwegian man's  cheeky cheesy faux-Spanish hit which lists off all the things remotely Latin in global culture (“Taco / Eva Mendes / Gringo / Costa / Chorizo”) is the one that will be driving anyone over the age of 20 insane this summer. It's got it all, as Anders himself explains:

“To make the ultimate summer hit, you need a few specific ingredients; a dancey  beat, an accordion, a saxophone and last but not least,  Spanish lyrics. The only problem is I don’t speak a single  word of it and neither do most people in Norway. So to  make it easy, the lyrics are based on words everyone has heard before”.

Brace yourself:

An Irish future pop hit?


Walking On Cars – Hand In Hand

It's been fascinating to watch the Dingle band Walking On Cars go from one with small town ambitions to a burgeoning Irish band who are able to sell out venues around Ireland with a fervent fanbase.

The latest chapter in their story has seen them break through into the UK by signing to Virgin Records, a move which has had a clear effect on their new song Hand In Hand, a track which has gotten some radio-friendly production touches: namely 80s driving rock guitar in the chorus and a more dynamic arrangement.

This could do really well beyond Ireland and the UK.

Jack White's secret asylum gig

Jack White's secret gig in London last week has won the award for most interesting small fan show I've heard in quite a while.

Fans and journalists received a phonecall from Vescovo & Co., a centre offering  “free contagious & infectious disease testing”  which offered appointments to potential patients who were invited to a medical facility where doctors and nurses asked them to change into blue hospital gowns for screenings, maze tests and made them sign all rights and “internal organs”. So far, so freaky.

At this point, an outbreak alarm was set off and patients were brought into a dark quarantine chamber, where Jack White and band appeared and began to play a thirty minute set. A reward for some impressively playing along.

The elaborate production was staged by Punchdrunk Theatre and White, using the album title Lazaretto - a reference to the quarantine rooms once used for maritime travellers.

The event concluded with White falling to the ground in convulsions before being carried off on a stretcher into an ambulance. Now, that's a good night out.

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