Thursday 23 November 2017

Beauty is now even more that just skin deep.

Fed up with facials barely scratching the surface? INSIDER's got the answer.

Introducing Meso Vytal - the latest innovation in beauty to hit the Irish market.

The process involves a digital skin needling system, Meso Vytal delivers skin boosting substances straight to the intersection of the epidermis and the dermis for maximum results.

Don't be alarmed, Kim Kardashian's vampire facial this is not, you shouldn't experience any pain and certainly no bleeding!

The skin is first prepped with a light AHA peel, at this point the therapist can assess the skin and decide what formulas to deliver into the skin.  Either Med, Fresh or Pure is chosen, working on wrinkles, problem young skin or dull, dehydrated skin respectively.

I ended up having all three in different areas to target specific skin issues.  For me this is one of the major selling points of this treatment, it's completely customised for each individual so you really feel like you've had the very best for your own face walking away.

The micro needles very gently penetrate the skin and once complete aftercare is applied.  Unlike some other facials, you'll see and feel immediate results.  Elaine at really takes the time to understand your needs and there's a feeling she genuinely cares.

I was even confident enough to go make up free on holidays after the Meso Vytal treatment, which believe me says an awful lot!

From €70 for introductory treatment.

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