Netflix warns about online scam targeting customers

Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney


Netflix customers have been warned to avoid getting caught out by the latest credit card scam arriving in their inboxes.

According to security company Eset, an email titled ‘Netflix cancellation’ which links to a phishing website is being sent to Netflix customers.

The email states that the user’s account has been cancelled and asks them to click a link to continue their account.

The links directs the user to a phishing website where they are asked to input their credit card details.

“So, recognise phishing, and think before you click!” the Eset post warns.

This is the second scam targeting Netflix users this year; users were asked to ‘update their payment method’ in a similar fake email in April.

Scam emails purporting to be from AIB, Revenue, Paypal and iTunes have also hit customers in the past. Irish banks consistently urge their customers never to give out their card details over the phone or online unless they have fully verified the recipient.

Nicola Watkins, a spokesperson for Netflix, said: “Phishing scams are, unfortunately, very common and often exploit well known brands. Internet users should always be cautious when they receive an email request any personal information or credit card details.”

“If you get an email that looks suspiciously like a phishing attempt, please let us know by forwarding it to,” Ms Watkins told