Tuesday 24 October 2017

Weather is otter-ly too wet for freshwater species found at Bog of Allen

File picture of an otter.
File picture of an otter.
Jerome Reilly

Jerome Reilly

The floods have made it too wet - even for Otters, wildlife experts believe.

An unusual sighting of an otter has been reported at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre at Lullymore - far from its usual habitat.

Otters live in freshwater and coastal habitats around Ireland.

And although there is plenty of freshwater peatland habitat in the Lullymore area, it's the first time an otter has been spotted.

The Irish Peatland Conservation Council believe the otter may have being drawn away from its natural habitat, possibly the canal, due to recent flooding on cutaway peatlands in the area.

Effectively, the otter may have thought the flooded bog was a lake.

The otter is a protected species in Ireland.

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