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The Big Tech Show: Space tourism or tech titan egomania?


Space tourism or tech titan egomania?

Is the new commercial 'space race' between Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and (the relatively poor) Richard Branson anything to celebrate for humanity? Or is it just one big egomaniacal episode?

This week, Adrian and TCD professor Louis Brennan chew over some of the deeper questions around this year's commercial space launches.

Is there a point to paying between €250,000 and €22m to go a few dozen kilometres up in the sky? What is the endgame for this activity and what use might it be? Are any of the principals really interested in saving our species through space exploration? Might they not spend a few quid to help stop the destruction of Earth instead?

Adrian and Louis also differ on whether they would take a seat on one of the spaceflights, if the opportunity arose.