Tuesday 16 July 2019

Stripped Bare: Irish Celebrities' No Make-up Portraits

Exclusively in this Sunday's LIFE Magazine

In this Sunday's LIFE Magazine with the Sunday Independent: Roz Purcell, Katherine Thomas, Mary Kennedy, Pippa O'Connor, Holly Carpenter, Jackie Lavin, Lisa Murphy don a natural look and expose the face behind the make-up.

Gone, almost, are the days of California Tan pan-stick and electric-blue mascara, but Irish women re main attached to their make-up, says Sarah Caden.

Some of us wouldn’t answer the door without a bit of BB cream, while others wear a full face to do the food shopping, but many more have decided that less is more.

As seven Irish women strip back to bare-faced, they explain what make-up means to them, how they feel without it, and how men don’t notice either way.

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