Saturday 25 November 2017

Start your Science Apprentice Book Collection

Start collecting this 5-part book series every Saturday with the Irish Independent free at Tesco

How do people travel to space? Where does electricity come from? How does food grow and nourish us? Can we make our lives better by understanding patterns? How will our futures change thanks to connected technologies?

These questions, and many others, are answered in Science Apprentice – a series of five fun books that encourage children and adults of all ages to explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of the world around us.

In the weekly series, free with the Irish Independent at Tesco stores, readers are brought on an interactive journey from Space to Energy and Resources, Food and Health, Computers and Data and Connected Future.

Throughout the books, Irish experts explain concepts and answer questions as we uncover some of the big ideas that are changing our lives.

We also learn how Irish researchers and engineers are making great strides to improve our present and future lives from outer space to inside our own bodies.

These books are vitally important for primary schoolchildren, bringing them a world of knowledge in an attractive way and opening their minds to a world of potential careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Some of the content in the Science Apprentice series has been shaped by schoolchildren who took part in special learning projects and workshops in order to pass knowledge to their classmates throughout Ireland.

The Science Apprentice book series has been produced by University College Dublin and partners, supported by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme and the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.

The Science Apprentice books are free to collect with the Irish Independent at Tesco stores, every Saturday from October 29 to November 26.

5 books to collect;

Space on 29th October

Energy and Resources on 5th November

Food and Health on 12th November

Computers and Data on 26th November

Connected Future on 26th November

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