Tuesday 24 April 2018

St Vincent's were 'pushed and shoved' for top-ups information

Public Accounts Committee chairman John McGuinness said St Vincent's were "slow" to provide information

The chairman of the Dail's Public Accounts Committee John McGuinness has said St Vincent's Hospital Healthcare Group were slow to provide the information sought by the PAC on top-ups.

“It was only when St. Vincent’s were pushed and shoved around the meeting room that they gave any information,” he said in an interview earlier today.

“Now the fact that the CRC were in before them [StVincents] that did take the media attention away from them.

“As I put it to them they are paying their CEO €300,000 from a fund in a hospital group that lost €12.5 million in 2012.”

McGuinness also highlighted the impact on patients

“It is also a big issue for patients.

“As patients come into the public hospital, how does that public hospital survive in terms of its income stream versus the movement of those patients across into the private hospital once they find that they have health insurance?

“How much over and above the odds is being paid in context of that health insurance?

He added that plans need to be put in place quickly and that further talks with management will address this issue.

“It is difficult to control that and Vincents will be back in with us again.”

“We have to see management structures that will separate this.”

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