Tuesday 24 October 2017

Racist advertisements cause fury online and council urges justice to be brought

This poster appeared in Moygashel in Tyrone. Credit: Reddit/RevolutionaryCommie
This poster appeared in Moygashel in Tyrone. Credit: Reddit/RevolutionaryCommie

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has criticised two incidents of racism which have caused fury online.

In one incident, a poster was placed on a telephone pole in Tyrone to tell landlords not to lease their properties to foreign nationals.

“Attention landlords: Leasing property to foreign nationals will not be tolerated,” the poster read.

A Limerick advertiser on Donedeal.ie, whose ad for a car has now been removed, warned that he won’t sell his car to ‘foreigners’.

“No Polish. I will not sell this car to a foreigner. They want everything for nothing so they can sell it for twice what they paid, so don’t ring. Irish people only.”

A spokesperson for the Immigrant Council of Ireland said such advertisements and racist campaigns are appearing at an alarming rate.

“These incidents are completely unacceptable. Unfortunately they’re coming at the end of a 12-month period where the ICI reported an 85 per cent increase in the reports of racism during 2013.”

“They show we need to be vigilant and ensure all of our laws and regulations are robust enough to respond to these crimes.”

He said 12 per cent of all racist incidents relate to cyber racism, such as the ad placed on Donedeal.

“The poster in Tyrone is a matter for the PSNI to investigate and prosecute.”

“It follows similar postering  incidents in Limerick and Dublin last summer, and it’s vital that these are brought to justice.”

Posters appeared in Dublin claiming that 'ethnic-cleansing' of Irish people is underway. And a series of anti-Semitic and hate posters were attached to a bridge in the Sugar Hill area of Limerick.

The most offensive posters in Limerick targeted Justice Minister Alan Shatter and had an anti-Semitic undertone.

The ICI spokesperson said: “these incidents are occurring at an alarming regularity”.

“It’s vital that laws are used to their full to bring these [perpetrators] to justice.”

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