Tuesday 24 April 2018

'My customers want quality and luxury' - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham poses at the Victoria Beckham show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Victoria Beckham poses at the Victoria Beckham show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham's attention to detail is "annoying".

The former singer and celebrated fashion designer opened a store in Printemps in Paris on Friday.

Victoria warned that it will be impossible to keep her off the sales floor as she always feels like she has to be fully involved in her ventures.

“I just can’t help myself,” she admitted to WWD. “I always have to be very hands on because I have a very strong opinion of what I want.

“I always find something I want to change... My attention to detail is totally somewhat annoying.”

This fall the 39-year-old will also be unveiling her flagship store in London's Dover Street.

While Victoria admires the French fashion sense, she believes her designs should match women all over the world.

“It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but the women here are very sophisticated and chic,” she gushed.

“I’m very excited to be here during fashion week. You know the energy is incredible. It’s a beautiful, beautiful city. I love the energy, the shopping. I loved living here.

“I like to treat women in every territory the same. My customer wants quality, luxury. She wants to feel empowered, confident. She wants to feel her best."

Printemps also stocks the designer's lower-priced Victoria, Victoria Beckham range.

Victoria is currently based in London and sells her clothes in around 60 countries.

Last month the fashion star showed off her Fall/Winter 14 collection as part of New York Fashion Week.

"I like that mix of androgyny and femininity, like the long feminine skirts with the more masculine trouser underneath. I think that looks really, really cool. Also tunic dressing is something that I really relate to and I think the girls look really feminine and sexy," she said of her latest pieces.

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