Tuesday 23 July 2019

Margot Robbie: My risqué sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio

Australian actress Margot Robbie with Leonardo Dicaprio
Australian actress Margot Robbie with Leonardo Dicaprio

Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street has been criticised for its sexual scenes and foul language, but it could have been even more explict, according to Margot Robbie, who appears in a nude scene.

“It was actually a lot more risqué than the final cut,” the Australian actress said at the film’s premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

“A lot of it got cut in the final edit, so you lot haven’t seen the half of it.”

Robbie adds of the take with Leonardo DiCaprio: “It was nerve-wracking leading up to it, but we had a very limited amount of time to shoot those scenes. The sooner I got it done, the sooner I could put my clothes back on.”

The Wolf of Wall Street stars DiCaprio as corrupt New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort and charts his rise to power fiddling the stock market on Wall Street - and then his downfall once his crimes were discovered.

The Great Gatsby actor said of Belfort, who co-wrote the film based on his own book: "The truth is that Jordan Belfort wrote this as a cautionary tale - he's a much different person right now.

"Since then, he's done seminars and lectures to groups about how you can take the wrong path in Wall Street.

"What I appreciated about him and my communication with him was, he was very honest and forthright about what he did wrong and most of the time his intentions were even worse."

DiCaprio added: "So when you're dealing with someone who's that forthright, it makes for a more honest portrayal of this world and these people."


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