Wednesday 20 February 2019

I am a disabled driver and looking for a medium-sized SUV. Any recommendations?

Disabled driver
Disabled driver

I am a disabled driver who is exempt from VAT and VRT on a new car. I am driving a Honda Civic Sport 1.8 automatic reg 152 with 16,000km on the clock. I am looking for a new car and have been offered anything between €16,800 and €13,000 trade-in. The lower offers have been made when they find out I am a disabled driver. I am looking for a medium-sized SUV and have €2k saved to add to the price, but so far they all seem to want about €4k to €5k on top, and the price of an automatic gearbox ranges from €1,500 to €3,500. Please advise.

Aidan: The bones of the deal look like this: you are moving from a petrol hatchback to a mid-size diesel SUV (full retail prices in the early to mid-thirty thousand euro range), and potentially to another brand, so it might realistically end up costing more than €2,000 even with VRT and VAT being deducted.

It depends on what you are buying, what offers are available and the deal you can strike. We regularly speak of the cost-to-change, but whoever offered you €16,800 is giving you top money for your car.

Keep pressing for the lowest price you can for the new car. Your car is not ultra-desirable, but it’s obviously well maintained with low mileage, great specification and an automatic gearbox. Bargain hard on those points.

Eddie: Stick, if possible, with the highest offer for your car and work on getting the asking price of the SUV down a bit. I think €2,000 is probably not enough to fund the change you are looking at. The problem with smaller sums is they get lost in the overall deal. I’m afraid that is the reality. So here’s what I’d do. I’d re-visit or re-call the dealers you’ve dealt with and ask for a final cost of change. That will concentrate minds and may nudge you closer to your budget. I’d never advocate over-stretching, but if you could go another €2,000/€3,000 I think you’d sort things quickly. Just concentrate, though, on cost-to-change, not what you are getting for your own.

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