Sunday 18 February 2018

Exclusive Spy Shots of the Land Rover Discovery Sport testing in Galway

Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

Car companies test their prototypes in Ireland all the time.

There has been many cars tested in Ireland over the years, many UK models test here along with Porsche and even Ferrari, so why Ireland?

We tend to leave them alone for a start, we are an island so it costs a lot of money to come here so the press tend to stay away. The main reason is the roads, we have a mix of good and bad and then there's the bog roads where you can go from flat to hump back and then rutted in the space of 10 feet. It's a great test for suspension and handling, the test mules tend to be shipped in and let loose over West.

Land Rover are testing what looks like the new Land Rover Discovery Sport which is the replacement for the Freelander will be due on the roads in 2015 but it might make it out by the end of this year.

The car you see pictured is registered as a 2013 2.0ltr petrol Discovery in white but as you can see it isn't all white. The pattern you see is lots of tape that's there to disguise the shape of the car and to cover up details like the rear windows. Most of the testing is handling and suspension so what's under the bonnet is anyone's guess.

This was spotted by our spy Darren but if you see any cars cruising around with this kind of pattern on them send me a picture titled spy shots.

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