Thursday 26 April 2018

Couples who paid deposits to Mount Carmel hospital now left 'in limbo'

Prospective parents are worried over today's developments in Mount Carmel Hospital.
Prospective parents are worried over today's developments in Mount Carmel Hospital.

Two prospective parents are expressed their concern over the news that a liquidator has been appointed to Mount Carmel Hospital.

Andrew and Emma, both of whom only wish to be known by their first names, told RTE's Liveline today that they are filled with worry over the announcement.

Andrew's wife is due to give birth in April, and so far they have paid over €2000 in fees for his wife's care.

He told Joe Duffy today: "We've paid most of the consultant's fees for the birth. We've paid a little over €2000 which is not covered by insurance."

"The last amount that we paid is €750 and that is in a holding account. I'm assuming that any payments in the last two days or so haven't been processed."

"My wife has blood pressure problems and she has concerns as to where she's going to be. She has other medical conditions as well. It's the insecurity of it all."

"I feel betrayed. We decided to go to Mount Carmel because we wanted to get the very best. And now to be dropped, and left in limbo. The HSE should have moved in and taken control."

Meanwhile, Emma, who is in her third pregnancy, and is suffering with hyperemesis was only discharged from the hospital last night.

Her pregnancy is now at 28 weeks - a time when Emma says she should not need to be worrying about where she will give birth.

"I'm in a predicament now. I have to look at another hospital and that's quite daunting. It's possible that I could end up back in Mount Carmel hospital at the weekend with the condition that I have, and I wonder what will happen then."

"My consultant is Valerie Donnelly and I've recommended her to my friends. It's Valerie that I want to follow. I totally trust her."

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