Wednesday 13 December 2017

Buy this mini hoverbike and start funding the real thing

Now all we need is Hoverboards

This drone-sized hoverbike (one third human size) is going on sale on Kickstarter, with all proceeds going to creating a full scale version

Engineering firm Malloy Aeronautics has been working to create a truly functional hoverbike since 2011. Now, in a campaign to raise money to develop their designs they’re actually selling the bike to the public – albeit at one third the size.


Essentially the bike is a quadrocopter, with two pairs of overlapping props at the front and the back resulting in a slim design and a platform stable enough to carry a glass of water without spilling.


The drone was built as a proof of concept for the full-scale design (which was originally bicopter with two props) which Malloy is currently finalising before they submit designs for a prototype to aviation authorities.


“It’s not just a recreational form of personal transport,” says the company about the craft. “Its low cost and practical size lends itself to search and rescue, precision farming and cattle mustering, first-responder emergency services and cargo insertion of up to 120kg (265lbs) into confined spaces."


Technically the hoverbike is a helicopter, with Malloy adding that they believe it would be "ideal for ski and mountain rescue, airborne logistics and time-sensitive personnel insertion/extraction during major disasters.”


While the hoverbike itself may be some way off making it to market, the scale model is impressive in itself. As well as being super stable it has a 30cm long platform capable of carrying 5kg and is seen delivering drinks and airlifting a teddy bear in the campaign video (above).


Unfortunately, all that comes at a price and supporters will have to pledge at least £595 for the barebones drone, with extra Kickstarter rewards including a digital file for 3D printing a model rider or a visit to the company’s base in the south of England.

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