Friday 15 December 2017

Brother of Joe Dolan dies on Christmas Day

Paddy Dolan is pictured to the left of the statue which was erected in Mullingar to honour his famous singer brother Joe.
Paddy Dolan is pictured to the left of the statue which was erected in Mullingar to honour his famous singer brother Joe.

A brother of singer Joe Dolan has passed away - almost exactly six years since his famous brother died.

Patrick Dolan (87), known as Paddy, died on Christmas Day after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

The father of seven was brother to Irish singing star Joe Dolan who passed away on St Stephen’s Day 2007, then aged 68.

Cllr Mick Dollard, who is Paddy's neighbour, said Paddy had been hoping to stay alive until St Stephen's Day so that he could mark his famous brother's anniversary.

"He was very close to Joe, that was very evident. Paddy was the oldest brother. If you walked into Paddy's house, you'd see all of the memorabilia down from the sixties right to the present era."

"It's been evident through the years how close the family are, with seven or eight cars parked outside Paddy's house every Sunday after mass."

"Paddy was a very popular man, he had a very warm and outgoing personality."

Paddy was greatly affected by Joe's death six years ago, Cllr Dollard said.

"Shortly after Joe died, the council made a presentation to Ben Dolan with a lifetime achievement award for Joe. Just before the presentation was made, we played 'Make Me An Island' which was Joe's most well-known song. And you could see the tears in Paddy's eyes."

"It really brought home to me the poignancy of the occasion."

When a commemorative statue was erected in Mullingar town centre to honour Joe in 2008, Paddy was full of pride, according to Cllr Dollard.

"Paddy was delighted about the statue - for him that was very important because it recognised the achievement that Joe had made."

Paddy will be greatly missed, Cllr Dollard said.

Cllr Denis Leonard said Joe’s anniversary will now be even more poignant for the brothers' extended family, and for Joe Dolan fans everywhere.

“It’s a sad reminder that he passed away on such a poignant day. Christmas being the time that it is, people do pause to remember Joe and now that this has happened as well, it’s another reason to remember the time,” he told

“The power of Joe’s music and his personality is evident - he made a huge contribution to music. It’s so sad to see this, at this time of year, that [his brother’s death] has happened.”

“There are tributes flowing in every year for Joe and people come into Mullingar every year to pay tributes to him, and there’s a bridge named after him.”


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