Wednesday 17 July 2019

Bank of Ireland customers experience delays in payments

Bank of Ireland customers experienced payment issues this morning

Bank of Ireland. Stock photo: Getty Images
Bank of Ireland. Stock photo: Getty Images

Áine Kenny

Bank of Ireland customers expressed frustration this morning after they noticed a delay in payments into their accounts.

Many customers were then hit with overdraft fees as a result of this delay.

Bank of Ireland say the issue has now been rectified and payments are currently being processed.

Angry patrons took to Twitter to vent their frustration this morning.

"I'm having issues, my wages haven't been paid and I've just been hit with overdraft fees because of this," said one customer.

After Bank of Ireland replied saying the situation would be rectified, he noticed that more money was coming out of his account.

"I just got hit with another charge. I started with nothing in my account, then -24 now out of no where, [now] -48. What's going on here, this is ridiculous."

Another customer, who is on a disability pension, said that she spent the entire morning trying to sort out the issue.

"I am permitted to work, under a self-employment scheme, and I haven't been able to start work this morning because I was trying to solve this," she told

"My account is flagged because I have a disability, but I haven't received much support. I reached out to Bank of Ireland on Twitter, because  I can't do online banking or phone banking because it is not in an accessible format for me. The only way I have access to that is through my husband."

The disgruntled customer said that a representative tried to send her a link to fill out a complaint form, but because she is visually impaired it would not be of any use for her.

She also couldn't go into the bank because she has reduced mobility and there isn't enough seating in the branches.

Fortunately, the woman's pension was paid into her account about two hours after she noticed the issue, but she said that isn't good enough, in her opinion. "This issue seems to be getting more frequent. The last time this happened, it was just before Christmas and we were hit with an overdraft charge, which we weren't refunded for."

"I just feel like a second-class citizen. I had to fight to speak to a manager, who was very good when I did speak to her," she added.

Mark Leech, Media Relations Manager for Bank of Ireland, said that the bank were aware of the issue this morning and it has now been solved.

"We can confirm that payments are now being processed and are posting to customer accounts," he told

He also said that customers will be refunded any overdraft fees incurred as a result of the delay.

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