Sunday 17 December 2017

Another One Bites The Dust: TV’s Best Whodunits

We take a look at some of soap opera's best whodunits

Eyes were glued to the box this week as Lucy Beale met her haunting end, her body typically sprawled across Walford Common and her murderer remaining unknown to nail biting viewers.

Typically, almost everyone in holed up in East London’s most infamous square seems to have a motive. Fingers are pointing at Lucy’s ex boyfriend and long-term resident Max Branning but some of the suspicion has been cast in the way of her twin brother Peter and her best friend Lauren. 

Unfortunately for fans, the drama is set to continue for the rest of the year so expect a long wait to discover who done away with poor Lucy.

We’ve been reacquainting ourselves with some of the best telly whodunits to prepare ourselves for the seemingly never-ending game of Cluedo that is set to become Eastenders. 


Fair City

Who Killed Billy Meehan?

Fair City's Lorcan did away with Stepdad Billy in 2001

Back in 2001, viewers couldn’t wait to see the most notorious of all Irish telly gangsters get clipped and when Billy Meehan bit the dust we hadn’t a clue who done it. Viewers only had a few days of suspense before it was revealed that Billy’s stepson Lorcan walloped him with a golf club. Good riddance to bad baddies.



The Simpsons

Who Shot Mister Burns?

Baby Maggie turned out to be the culprit who shot billionaire Mr. Burns

Billionaire power plant owner Monty Burns almost met his sorry end in this two-part episode (there was just too much drama for 30 minutes). While the blame was shifted on almost everyone of Springfield’s eccentric residents, it turns out baby Maggie was responsible. It’s always the quiet ones, eh?





Who Shot JR?


When evil oil baron JR Ewing was shot twice in the chest on the hit American soap in 1980, viewers’ jaws dropped desperately trying to figure out who had the greatest motive. Blame was shifted up his lush of a wife Sue but it turns out it was her jealous sister Kristen, also sharing a bed with JR, who eventually bit the bullet. 






Who Shot Phil Mitchell?


This guy has been shot more times than we’ve had hot dinners but in 2001, viewers hadn’t a clue who gunned down Albert Square’s beloved thug. Turns out it was an act of love gone astray, the culprit identified a month later as Phil’s crazy ex-girlfriend Lisa Shaw.





Who Pushed PR?


Arsonist and womaniser Paul Robinson met his sorry end after being shoved from a Ramsey Street balcony back in 2004. What goes around comes back around because not long after killing Gus Cleary, Paul reached a similar fate soon after. Our suspicions were always on his wife Rebecca but that didn’t stop us guessing until the very end. 





Who Killed Danny Latimer?


Eyes glued to Broadchurch back in 2013 would have wondered who offed Danny Latimer and latecomers avoided Twitter for weeks for fear of any spoilers. The story set in the sleepy seaside village of Broadchurch had us harping on to unwitting friends for weeks until it was revealed that Joe Miller committed the dastardly deed. 



Twin Peaks


Who Killed Laura Palmer?


The first season of the show focused on the downfall of homecoming queen and all around model citizen Laura Palmer who was discovered wrapped in plastic on the banks of the local river. It turns out her dear old dad was responsible but he claimed to be possessed by demon killer spirits. We’re sure that will hold up in court buddy.



Veronica Mars


Who Killed Lilly Kane?

The first series of Veronica surrounded the unknown killer of Lilly Kane

The debut season of the popular mystery show had poor Veronica running around the place trying pin her best friend’s murder on most of the townspeople. Luckily after 22 episodes we discovered that it was Aaron who murdered Lucy in order to get his hands on some defamatory tapes.



Coronation Street


Who will kill Tina?


Corrie favourite Tina McIntyre is still alive and kicking but not for long as Michelle Keegan is set to leave the street next year in one of the soap’s most elaborate whodunit storylines yet. Not ones for presuming, we can only guess that the beauty will meet a bloody end on the streets cobbles or perhaps hit the dust behind the bar of her beloved Rover’s Return. 

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