Tuesday 24 October 2017

You're never too old to marry ... but I won't Anne Doyle

Retired newsreader Anne Doyle
Retired newsreader Anne Doyle
Anne with Dan McGrattan
Dan Mc Grattan and Anne Doyle
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

RTE doyenne Anne Doyle ain't the marrying kind.

While the 61-year-old broadcaster applauds other old romantics taking trips down the aisle, she won't be throwing on a garter or saying 'I do' anytime soon.

She revealed: "I've never got married, I'm 62 in January and I've managed to be very lucky to get by pretty well up to now. But at this stage, what would I be doing getting married?

"I'm not for a moment suggesting people shouldn't get married in their 60s, 70s, 80s -- more power to them."

Anne and her partner restaurateur Dan McGrattan first met over a decade ago and fell in love over a bag of salty chips at Aprile's on South Richmond Street.

They have been inseparable ever since but wedding bells are definitely not on the cards.

Wexford native Anne, presented the news on RTE for 33 years before bowing out in December 2011.

But this week, she will come out of retirement and return to our TV screens hosting new quiz show Division.

"God help us all I'm back," she laughed.

And it only took Anne just moments to settle back into the TV world. She said: "I was kind of horrified at how quickly I settled back in.

"Things have come up in the past I wouldn't have felt suited to. But I quite like quizzes."

However, Anne won't be tuning in to see the show.

She insisted: "Definitely not. I used to have the great advantage of never having to see myself because it was all live. think I would have gotten very self conscious and would have thought about it constantly."

Having hosted the news and been a regular on Dublin's social scene for many years, Anne has received numerous offers to write a tell-all biography.

But she says it will be some time coming.

"Anything interesting that has happened to me or people I know, I wouldn't dream of telling. I'll wait until my left knee gives out."

Despite her 40-year career, Anne says she never dreamed of ending up on our TVs.

She added: "I would never have called myself a natural in front of the camera. I was always quite anxious, that's just my nature. I put a good face on it."



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