Thursday 21 November 2019

'You little s**t' - 1D's Louis Tomlinson calls out host for not hearing new single

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and BBC Host Stephen Nolan
One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and BBC Host Stephen Nolan

David Kearns

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has sparked a minor storm in a tea cup after he calling a BBC News presenter a "little s**t" after the host admitted he had not heard the group's new single 'Perfect'.

Speaking backstage after the band’s Belfast gig last night, the One Direction singer was chatting to BBC Northern Ireland presenter Stephen Nolan when the topic turned to the band’s new f 'Perfect'.

A new video for the song was released just hours after the group were forced to cancel a gig in Belfast because Liam Payne fell ill.

“Have you heard it?" Tomlinson asks Nolan, who responds: "Do you want me to tell you the truth? No I have not."

Tomlinson retorts: "You should have before this interview, you little shit."

Faking shock, the BBC host steps back saying: "Don't touch me, don't touch me."   

Finally speaking about the song itself, Tomlinson says: "[It] is not a standard love song.

"It is about for the moment and less about marriage and soppy stuff."

The exchange has received widespread coverage but the BBC host has insisted it was all in jest.

He tweeted: “Before this all gets ridiculous, Louis from One Direction was a nice guy, having fun and a bit of banter.”

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