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‘Women should focus on progress not perfection when it comes to health’ - Anna Geary


Ireland's Fittest Family coach Anna Geary

Ireland's Fittest Family coach Anna Geary

Ireland's Fittest Family coach Anna Geary

All-Ireland winner and fitness guru Anna Geary has urged women to focus on “progress, not perfection” when it comes to their health.

The Ireland’s Fittest Family coach urged women not to be too hard on themselves during lockdown.

She was speaking at a special webinar hosted by INM to mark International Women’s Day, along with parenting and relationships expert Sheila O’Malley and communications consultant Una McSorley.

Health and wellness took centre stage as the speakers highlighted the importance of looking after your wellbeing after a challenging year.

Ms Geary discussed the importance of improving physical health during a time when most people are working remotely.

“A lot of us at the moment are struggling when it comes to food, we’re trying to manage being at home, we’re trying to manage the calling from the fridge or from the press.

“It’s about not putting too much pressure on yourself to adhere to a certain way that you think you should be,” she said.

She urged people to focus on themselves as she discussed the different ways in which women can consider their physical health.

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“When it comes to our health, I’m a big believer in progress, not perfection.

“And I think the challenge is, when it comes to our physical and mental health, is that we’re looking at what everyone else is doing.

“We’re watching what our colleagues are doing, what our friends are doing, what family members are doing and sometimes it can be frustrating and overwhelming because we’re thinking well why doesn’t that work for me?” she said.

She also urged people not to be too hard on themselves.

“It’s really important that we look after ourselves because being selfish and self care are two very different things and sometimes we blur that line,” she added.

Meanwhile Ms O’Malley urged women to learn to take more time for themselves as she delivered a speech on wellness and resilience.

“I believe that when you value your time, you’re valuing yourself and when you’re valuing yourself then you have time for the things that you value.

“I believe that there’s a need for self care and in order to have the time for self care, you need to know where to draw the line,” she said.

She added that women need to take the time to practice self care and set boundaries in their day-to-day lives.

“Exercise is non-negotiable. The one thing that has kept me sane is I buddy up with somebody just before work and we go out for a walk at the same time, we move with the seasons because it’s very dark.

“If you buddy up with someone you’re 50pc more likely to go,” she added.

Ms McSorley focused on women in the workplace where she discussed the conflicts present in an interactive environment.

“You’ve got to recognise the people who we may find difficult are not wrong, we often find them difficult because they are different from us and there is richness in diversity.

“If we can recognise the needs different people have, if we can identify their communication style and if we can adapt the way that we communicate, we will inspire our people to do their best work, we will help improve their teamwork and productivity and we will ultimately become a better leader,” she said.

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