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Why the naysayers are wrong about their 'drab and dreary' November

Brontie-Rose (3) & Ember-Jean Slade (20 months) enjoying the Autumn weather in St Stephens Green, Dublin
Brontie-Rose (3) & Ember-Jean Slade (20 months) enjoying the Autumn weather in St Stephens Green, Dublin
'It's now socially acceptable to order hot chocolate with marshmallows on a regular basis'
The fine moustache of musician Jerry Fish
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

It has been described as dank and dreary with poet Thomas Hood bemoaning "no dawn, no dusk, no proper time of day". But is November really so bad?

I've always thought of it as a "middle child month" sandwiched between two attention seeking siblings; glittery Christmassy December and sugar soaked Halloweeny October.

It's easy to overlook November. After all, there are no bank holidays, no great big sporting events and it's too early to throw on a jumper festooned with fairy lights and eat brandy-soaked fruit cake.

But poor aul November doesn't deserve such a bashing.

In fact, it's always been my favourite month of the year - and not just because I am a middle child.

Here are 10 reasons why November is the tops.

1) Firstly, you're in the black! Enjoy this feeling. Chances are with all that frantic last minute Christmas shopping and nights on the tear you won't be back here till February 2016.

So take a moment to savour your hard-earned cash before it flitters away into a Christmas shaped hole.

2) The Late Late Toy Show. Yes - our favourite pantomime TV special returns to our screens the final Friday of November. Ryan Tubridy dresses up as a rag doll, toys break, a precocious child talks about reading 'War and Peace' and we all laugh.

3) We're still enjoying the clocks moving back; not only can we pretend we're having a lie in every morning but we can also head to the pub an hour earlier in the day. Win, win.

4) Speaking of beverages, it's now socially acceptable to order hot port, piping hot toddy's, cream-based liquors and hot chocolate with marshmallows on a regular basis.

5) November is the best time of year to jet off on holiday.

It is the one month the travel industry struggles to shift airplane seats and hotel rooms. So take full advantage.

The only place that falls outside this jurisdiction is New England where "leaf peepers" flock to see all that majestic russet and amber foliage float to the ground.

6) Which brings me to my next reason for loving November - the colours. This is a month filled with crisp sunshine mornings, golden ochre, dappled magenta, and burnt auburns.

Weather wise December tends to fail to deliver - we rarely get that "white Christmas" we're dreaming of but November always pulls it out of the bag.

7) This is a choice month to catch up on quality films. James Bond, Brooklyn, The Hunger Games, The Lobster and The Queen of Ireland are all on silver screens around the country.

8) No shaving; Movember means gents can bin the razor and sport handlebar, mutton chops, pencil or Fu Manchu taches.

And ladies don't have to worry about buffing bare legs, instead they can chuck on 60 denier tights and forget about high maintenance spring and summer.

9) FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is at an all-time low. No one judges if you spend your weekend wrapped in duvets and swaddling watching TV and eating toast. There are no massive music festivals, theatre shows, or matches you have to attend. You can relax and do nothing - guilt free.

10) Comfort food; goodbye green juices and salad boxes, hello casserole, stew, shepherd's pie and dumplings we've missed you all.

Clearly, November is not half bad so let's stop neglecting it and give it a little love before we start all that Christmas crushing.

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